Trophy Manager で一番便利なツール TM Recorder を触ってみました。 - 世界一面白いサッカーゲームは Trophy Manager

Trophy Manager で一番便利なツール TM Recorder を触ってみました。

おそらく Trophy Manager で一番便利と思われるツール、TM Recorder を使ってみました。

現時点での最新版は TmRecorder。

Trophy Manager の国際フォーラムでの関連スレッド


Actual Status:
- Team Page: Ready
- Training Page PRO: Ready
- Training Page Non PRO: Ready
- Match List Page: Available
- Match Page: Available
- Players Page: Not Available
- Youth Pages: Ready
- Transfer Manager + Shortlist importer: Ready
- Shortlist importer in TmRecorder: Ready

Release 0.2: The ASI in the Bloom calculator has been corrected.
The shortlist is now back to work and is working both in TmRecorder and in the Transfer Manager.

A new "star like" indicator (CStr = Computed Stars) has been added to the columns. This index is connected to the actual performance of the player in its best position.

The Rec (Official TM rating) has been added to Transfer Manager and the Shortlist. Just to compare its value to the CStr indicator.

A new dataset has been added (download it here: Led2_Dataset). It's a dataset evaluated over a selection of 20,000 players and gks, I'm pretty confident that it's a good estimation of the real one.

Now the function SkillSum->ASI has been calculated with a greater precision and the SSD coefficient is more precise to indicate the real difference between the showed skillsum and the real skill sum (that contains also decimals).
Update included in this release: From this release, TmRecorder may be used also by people that have more than one team. I've checked that it works, I created a team for me just for this purpose.
To add an extra team, there is the menu "Extra Team->Add Extra Team" in the navigation bar of the tab TrophyBrowser.
Put Extra squad name and ID and the application will add a menu item"Extra Team->Open TmRecorder Session for ..." to open another session of TmRecorder with the other team to import.

When you are in the other session of TmRecorder, remember to select the menu "Extra Team" the item "Change browser to the actual team" to switch to the other team you are managing in that session (as you can see, the Trophy bottom bar is missing - I don't know why - and you cannot do the switch directly on the page).

To avoid problems, I added a control that check if you are importing the wrong team in the wrong session. Moreover, in the title of the windoe now there is the name of the squad that you are managing in that session (in the next release, the squad name will be first to make it faster to detect in the windows application bar).



ひとまず簡単な選手の比較(最適なトレーニングで達し得る能力を示す "PSP"、最適なポジションでの実際のパフォーマンスを示す "CStr" などの指標があるようです)は出来るようになりましたが、まだライナップ・ツール Match Field の使い方がよくわかりません。

Match Field では選手に見たことのない様々なマークが付くのですが、それが何を意味しているのかわかりません。
また、選手をフィールドに配置すると Ball Possession の Keep と Gain という値が変化するのですが、この2つの数値は誰を配置するかによって変わるだけで、どこで起用するかは関係無い様子。

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